Pet Care – What You Need To Know About It

August 31, 2018 by Cherry Lane

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Being a responsible pet owner is not just about feeding them properly, taking them to the vet when they are ill or have been injured. It’s about providing your pets with everything they could need in order to live a happy and a healthy life.


Get Your Pet Microchipped

Microchipping your dog is now a legal requirement in England, Scotland and Wales. It’s very important to keep your dog’s chip details up to date should they go missing. Microchipping your cat is also very important as cats can have a tendency to just wander off and sometimes can’t find their way back. Having an engraved ID tag with your contact details attached to their collar is excellent, along with the microchip it would suddenly become much easier for them to receive help to get home.

Sign Up Your Pet With A Vet

As soon as you’ve gotten a new pet you should register it with a vet, never wait until the pet becomes ill and would need help. Animals require annual vaccinations and this would be a perfect opportunity for them to receive a full health check.


Get Your Pet Neutered

Neutering your cats and dogs has health benefits and does help them with their overall wellbeing. Your cats are also less likely to run off to find a mate or receive unwanted attention from other felines. It does prevent unwanted litters as well.


Vaccinate & Insure Your Pets

You can avoid health problems for your cats and dogs by making sure they are updated with their vaccines, this should be done before allowing them to go outside. They should also have regular worming and flea treatments to make sure their overall health is excellent. Pet insurance can help with unexpected fees from the vet, it will also make sure that you are providing nothing but the best health care for your pets. Spend some time researching the policies that are available because they are not all the same, don’t just base it on price.


Socialising & Play Time

It’s not only you who needs to have a social life, so does your pets. By taking them out to socialise from a young age they will get used to different environments which will help prevent behaviour problems. A dog requires regular walks and it gives them the opportunity to have a change of scenery and to meet other dogs. Training them from a young age will turn them into a happy and friendly dog when they are adults.

Your pets will also need time to play as well, especially if you have an indoors cat. They won’t be getting the same time of experience as an outdoor cat and can easily become bored which can lead to destructive and problematic habits. Having active cat toys can keep your cat entertained when you are not there but don’t rely on just this. When you get home, make sure you give them plenty of attention and play with them using cat safe toys so they can socialise with you as well. Scratch posts are mandatory to have so they can exercise their claws without ripping up your sofa.