Taking care of your garden in autumn

October 5, 2018 by Rachael


As the season changes from summer to autumn your garden needs special care and attention to prepare for the upcoming colder months. While during spring and summer your focus is on planting and growing your plants, flowers and trees, autumn means your focus shifts to maintain and tidying your garden. We’ve put together a few tips to help you ensure your garden is well cared for during autumn.

Clear away fallen leaves

While falling leaves are one of the iconic beautiful scenes of autumn, fallen leaves can make your garden look messy and unkept. Some gardeners choose to put the unwanted leaves into a decompose bag and out with the garden recycling bin, but if you have the time you can make organic compost from the fallen leaves. Simply collect the leaves into plastic bin liners with holes punched through the sides to let in air, fill the bags with the leaves and sprinkle with water. Store away the filled bags for a couple of years during which time the leaves will decompose, once they reach a crumbly texture you can spread them along your garden borders as compost.

Clean your greenhouse

Autumn is the ideal time to give your greenhouse a thorough clean. First, clean the outside of the greenhouse to ensure all dirt is cleaned away and to let in as much light as possible. Once the outside of the greenhouse is clean, remove all the plants from inside and thoroughly clean and tidy the inside of the greenhouse by sweeping away dirt and dead leaves, washing down and disinfecting the inside panels and shelves. Once the inside is clean and dry, return your plants.

Lawn care

During summer many lawns became dry and patchy due to the hot weather. Now is the perfect time to care for your lawn and help it to repair. A lawn restorer helps to nourish and improve the quality of your grass and is ideal for use on lawns that have become dry and patchy over the summer months. If your lawn is beyond repair, autumn is a great time to lay a new turf as it gives it lots of time to become fully establish during autumn and winter.