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How does your garden grow?

Our wide range of gardening products will help you to keep your garden looking good all year round. Keep pesky weeds at bay and help your foliage flourish; we have everything you need to help your garden thrive. Get your flower beds blooming and stay on top of the season with a little help from Cherry Lane. Why not take a look at our monthly gardening jobs?

  • Why is gardening good for your wellbeing? 

    • Being outside in the fresh air benefits us in so many ways but add physical exercise on top of that and you will be increasing the serotonin levels in your body. Gardening involves different levels of exercise from and plenty of digging to lifting and everything in between when you are growing your own food. Everything you do is contributing to the health of your mind, body and soul.

      Ensuring you give the soil plenty of attention means your harvests will be better but coming into contact with the soil has other benefits. The soil is full of microbes and one of those microbes is called Mycobacterium vaccae. It boosts our mood to help us feel happy. So along with the benefits of fresh air and physical exercise, the soil can make us feel good.

  • When should I plant Summer bedding? 

    • Plant out summer bedding at the end of the month (avoid planting in cold areas) – bedding plants provide a temporary decorative seasonal display for beds, borders, containers and hanging baskets. Bedding can be grown from seed, bought as young seedlings (plug plants) or purchased as pot-grown specimens, often in multi-packs and cellular trays, ready for planting.

  • What can I put in homemade compost? 

    • When you add bits and bobs from your kitchen to your compost pile, from carrot peelings to eggshells, they add to the richness of the loam you will be spreading, but decay at different rates and at different optimal ratios. Calcium from eggshells – for example – takes far longer to decompose, as it presents a harder surface for the micro-organisms to burrow through and digest. Put too much eggshell in, and you’ll have shards while everything else has mulched.

      Welcome micro fauna – Bear in mind, much of what we consider as compost is actually the excrement from bacteria, worms and other mini beasts as they munch through your leftovers. We’d recommend you add dried leaves and scrunched paper (in moderation) to aerate the mixture, making it a happy, oxygenated place for them to breathe as they munch.

  • When should I plant fruit trees? 

    • If there is frost we would suggest you should avoid planting your fruit tree, instead it is better to place the roots into moist soil and wait to plant once the conditions improve. The ideal time to plant bare-root trees is late autumn to early winter, while container-grown trees can be planted at any time of year but ideally, avoid planting in soil that is too dry or too wet.

      Make sure you have soaked the roots before you plant the tree. Choose a spot that is in a sunny and sheltered location to plant your fruit tree in, as this will help to maximise the time your fruit has to ripen.

  • What should I plant in a hanging basket? 

    • For an attractive mixed basket, you will need at least 3 different types of plants. Firstly, at least one large, upright one – good choices here are Geraniums, upright Fuchsias, and Non-Stop Begonias for summer, and Cyclamen, dwarf conifers and Polyanthus for autumn to spring. Next, several trailing or cascading plants, for instance trailing varieties of Petunia, Lobelia, Fuchsia, and Begonia, Calibrachoas, Isotoma, Bacopa, Scaevola, Nemesia and Verbena for summer, and Ivy, trailing Viola, Creeping Jenny & Ajuga for autumn to spring. Lastly, a tray or two of seasonal upright bedding plants like Busy Lizzies, Petunias, Pansies or Violas.

  • What can I plant in Autumn? 

    • Plant Autumn bedding such as Winter-flowering pansies.

      If your flower beds and plant pots are looking a little past their best, why not spruce them up with a fresh set of bedding plants that will last the colder months?

      We would recommend clearing out your pots of old compost which might be harbouring old roots or lacking in nutrients. Fill up your pots and flower beds with some nice fresh compost and then choose your favourite winter flowering plants to place in them.

      We would recommend pansies as they are hardy against the colder weather and come in a host of vibrant colours. Although they are great for Autumn and Winter, they still love a bit of sunshine so make sure not to hide them in the shade.

      If pansies aren’t your thing, why not try some Cyclamens or Primroses? Violas and Heathers are also excellent choices and will ensure your garden is full of colour and cheer for longer.

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