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From the dining room to the home office everyone wants their home to look its best. We have affordable furniture that will provide your home with long-lasting and elegant foundations for every living space.


Whether you prefer traditional oak furniture or sleek and modern units, we have the perfect choices for your home. Our home furniture collections can give any living space an uplifting makeover.

    • How do I choose a dining table size? 

      • Once you have chosen where to place your dining table, use a tape measure and record the measurements of the total space. You will need to allow 90-100cm in order for a dining chair to move in and out of the table.

        Here is a rough guide for rectangular dining table sizes:

        120 - 150cm - 2 seater

        150 - 190cm - 6 seater

        200 - 220cm - 8 seater

        230 - 280cm - 10 seater

        300cm - 12 seater

        And for circular tables:

        105 -125cm diameter - 4 seater

        150cm diameter - 6-8 seater

    • Why is oak wood so popular? 

      • Oak furniture is a popular choice for many reasons. Not only is it a hardwood that is both strong and durable, but it also has a beautiful grain that makes each piece unique.

        Oak is hardwood, which means it’s dense and tough. Its high level of durability means it is less likely to warp, crack or split. Oak is, therefore, a popular choice for furniture-making, as it’s likely to last for many years with proper care.

        Our Cotswold range is veneered with beautiful Oak, meaning it will last you for years to come.

    • What are small tables called? 

      • Small tables are generally referred to as side tables but can have a number of names depending on their characteristics and purposes.

        There are bedside tables, sometimes known as nightstands which sit either side of your bed for handy storage. Living room side tables are sometimes referred to as lamp tables, or telephone tables, names given by their common uses.

        If a small table comes as part of a set where one table tucks under another, they are called a nest of tables. If the table height is lower, around the same height as a sofa seat, then the table would be classed as a coffee table.

    • How do I add storage to a small bedroom? 

      • For small bedrooms, the best way to add storage is by using furniture with built-in storage. Underbed storage or storage beds are a perfect use for the space. A raised cabin bed can provide an additional living space underneath the bed, great for desks or play areas.

        Tall sets of drawers provide extra storage space without compromising on floor space. Wall shelving can provide extra surface space and is great for unloved corners. Where possible, opt for multi-purpose and versatile bedroom furniture that can purpose as two products.

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Oak nest of tables

Our Cotswold Furniture

Long-Lasting Furniture For Your Family Home


The Cotswold Range is our most popular by far, and for good reason. Whether you are looking for a full transformation for your living space, or simply adding some extra storage to a room, you can rely on the Cotswold collection to provide quality that lasts.


With something to suit every living space, you can provide each room with sturdy furniture that looks stunning. Beautifully made and finished with a subtle rustic edge, chunky top, and metal handle for a distinct look, this range is undeniably stylish.

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