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Browse our Leisure department and find great value products for camping, sports and outdoor activities. We have car accessories and essentials for bicycles, perfect for keeping your transport in top-notch condition. Not forgetting our handy collection of DIY products, so you can keep your toolbox full and be ready for anything.

    • What should be in a DIY toolbox? 

      • Your toolbox should be tailored to suit your needs, but here are some essential tools we recommend for every toolbox:

        - Hammer & nails

        - Screwdriver set & screws

        - Pliers

        - Spanners & sockets

        - Alan keys

        - Torches or headlamps

        - Utility knife or boxcutter

        - Measuring tape

        - Spirit level

        - Pencils

        - Gloves, goggles and earmuffs

        If you have ever made flat-pack furniture, you may have a few little tools, such as alan keys or nail holders, which are great to keep hold of.

        There are so many handy tools you can include in a toolbox, but always remember to plan carefully, stay safe and keep measuring as you go.

    • What do I need for a beginner camping trip? 

      • If you are heading out to camp for the first time, we would recommend reading up on the subject first and making a very organised list of what to take. Think about the key areas when planning your trip.

        Sleeping. You will need a tent (of course), sleeping bags and a camping mat (very good for bumpy ground).

        Relaxing. Think about the time spent in between sleeping and moving. Camping chairs are great space-savers.

        Eating. You will want something to cook with, a cool box for perishables, or a well thought out diet of cupboard staples.

        Lighting. Take some torches, lanterns or headlamps - but make sure you have plenty of batteries at hand.

        Weather. You will need waterproofs for both yourself and your belongings. A tarpaulin is great for a make-shift cover.

        Safety. First aid kit - very important as you will likely be far away from civilisation. Insect repellent is a must for the summer.

        Hygiene. Toilet paper, sanitiser and wet wipes are perfect if you can't access local facilities.

        The list goes on! Make sure to plan carefully and do your research.

    • Are rubber mats good for cars? 

      • Rubber mats are perfect for keeping your car in its best condition. If you have invested in a new car, you can help keep protecting it with the addition of rubber car mats. Investing in rubber car mats is a wise decision as they are durable and easy to clean.

        Bringing muck and dust into the car on our shoes is unavoidable, but it is much easier to clean off the surface of a rubber mat than getting it out of the car carpet. Rubber is also waterproof, perfect for wet weather days or defrosting snow on your shoes.

    • What equipment do I need for a home gym? 

      • A home gym is a great way to stay in shape, especially if you are short on time and want to avoid travel. Here are some ideas for home gym equipment essentials:

        Exercise Mat. These are great for a variety of exercises, especially when following exercise videos.

        Dumbbells. Perfect for strengthening the whole body, dumbbells are a must for every home gym.

        Jumping Rope. Ideal for cardio.

        Resistance Bands. Warm-up in no time.

        Exercise Ball. Build core strength and improve stability.

        There are plenty of space-saving ideas and more advanced equipment available for a home gym, but these 5 essentials will get you off to a great start.

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