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Whether you're looking to fill your garden with seasonal blooms, or trying to grow your own vegetables, we have an exciting range of plants, seeds and bulbs to suit your needs.


Brighten up your borders with our bedding plants and hardy shrubs! Give your living space a little lift with a selection of houseplants and create a welcoming and calm atmosphere.

    • What are the easiest indoor plants? 

      • Not all of us are as green fingered as others, but luckily there are plenty of easy indoor plants you can grow. We lead busy lives, and so having low maintenance house plants can be a big help for a hectic family home.

        Here are 3 easy house plants to look after:

        Spider plants. Give them a splash of water when the top of the soil is dry and keep them in bright, indirect sunlight.

        Sanseviera. Sometimes known as snake plants, with just a monthly watering and some lighting they will thrive - and even purify the air in your home!

        Zamioculcas zamiifolia (ZZ). Extremely tolerant of low lighting and drought, just a little watering once the soil is dry will do.

    • Which outdoor plants grow back every year? 

      • Plants that grow back every year are called perennials. As they live for longer, the growth of perennials can be slower, so it is important to be patient when caring for them.

        Although it may look as though perennials are dying back in winter months, they will be preparing for spring beneath their stems. Provided they are cared for and kept in the right habitat, perennials will provide many years of beautiful blooms for your garden.

    • What is the quickest vegetable to grow from seed? 

      • The quickest vegetables to grow from seed are generally those with edible leaves, such as lettuce. Spinach and salad leaves can be ready to eat from as early as 21 days after sowing. If you stagger your sowing dates, you can have a regular supply of fresh salad leaves at hand.

        Radishes are also surprisingly fast at growing and are usually ready to harvest after just four weeks or so. Radishes are at their best when the roots are nice and small, sowing little and often will reduce waste.

    • Can vegetables be grown indoors? 

      • Yes, there are lots of vegetables that you can grow indoors, including:

        - Tomatoes

        - Peppers

        - Chillies

        - Lettuce

        - Spinach and more!

        The main challenge with growing vegetables indoors, is having enough space to do so. But if you have the room for spacious pots in sunny spots - you will have no problem growing your own vegetables indoors.

        Follow the instructions on the seed packets as normal, but continue to keep the plants in an optimal location and ensure to repot them as they get bigger.

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