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Storage Boxes and Containers

Tidy away clutter and organise your living space with a selection of sturdy storage boxes. With storage solutions suitable for every room and purpose, you can make sure all your belongings are neatly tucked away.


Whether you are looking for under bed storage, food containers or heavy-duty storage boxes - we have a fantastic range of plastic storage to suit all needs.

    • What do you put in a storage tub? 

      • You can store almost anything in a plastic storage tub, they are perfect for keeping your home clutter-free and organised.

        The most common uses for plastic storage tubs are:

        - Clothing Storage

        - Paperwork and Files

        - Seasonal Decorations

        - Toys and Games

        - Sports Equipment

        - Arts and Crafts

        - Shoes and Accessories

        Just to name a few! Plastic storage boxes are an inexpensive way to keep your home organised and tidy. Make use of every space and have everything in its place.

    • Can you store photographs in plastic containers? 

      • Yes, plastic boxes for photographs work particularly well as they protect the photographs from water damage and dust.

        You can even get specially designed photograph organisers which are perfect for sorting out your holiday snaps.

    • Do plastic containers keep moisture out? 

      • Plastic containers are great for keeping items safe and waterproof. To prevent any moisture build-up within the container, follow these top tips:

        1. Allow for airflow. Keep your plastic containers elevated slightly and avoid direct contact with walls. Be careful not to pack the contents in too tightly.

        2. Dry them out. Ensure both the plastic container and the planned contents are thoroughly dry before storing. Even slight moisture can lead to a potential damp build-up.

        3. Desiccators. If you want to be extra cautious, try adding some silica gel packets or other desiccators inside your plastic containers.

    • Are plastic storage boxes good for moving house? 

      • Yes, plastic boxes are very helpful when you are moving house. Plastic storage boxes are more durable than cardboard, therefore a much safer option for your vulnerable and valuable goods.

        Plastic boxes with lids are designed to stack up on top of each other, making them much safer to move around and organise. Designed with built-in handles, plastic storage containers are far more user friendly than cardboard.

        With the great British weather being so unpredictable, plastic boxes are ideal for house moves on a damp or rainy day - keeping your belongings nice and dry.

        The best part is, our storage boxes are available with great savings and multibuy deals - and you can keep them for years to come after.

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Storage Boxes With Lids
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