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  • Rib tickling guess the words game with over 600 phrases
  • Players have to read out a phrase card whilst wearing a mouthpiece
  • Guess the phrase before the timer runs out
  • Includes special bonus cards with hilarious challenges
  • Brilliant party game for 4-8 players aged 7 years and over
  • Great value for money!
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Talking gobble-de-gook is the norm when playing Mumbo Jumbo – the hilarious mouthpiece challenge game. The rule of the game are simple: players from each team take it in turns to read out phrase cards while wearing a mouthpiece in their mouth. The mouthpieces are designed to prevent players pronouncing the phrases properly, leading to some truly rib-tickling results.
Players divide themselves into teams. Each team and players take turns picking up a phrase card and reading it out whilst wearing a mouthpiece. Teammates have to guess the phrase they’re trying to say before the timer runs out.
Each card has four phrases on it. To decide which phrase they read, the player has to roll the dice before each go. If a team guesses the phrase their teammate is saying, they get to keep the card. The team with the most cards at the end of the game are winners.
Make playing Mumbo Jumbo more fun byusing the bonus card. Each card features a fun mouthpiece challenge which players can complete to win extra points for their team. The challenges are embarrassing for the player who has to do them but, fun for everyone else (for example, phone one of your friends and ask them if they want to go swimming).
Contents: Game Cards, 8 Mouth Seperators, 1 Sand Timer, 1 Pencil With Eraser Topper, House Rules Card, 1Game Dice.


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