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Find all your daily essentials, or treat your living space to something new with our attractive range of homeware. Add luxury and comfort with a choice of soft furnishings, perfect for a cosy setting.


Creating and caring for a home takes a lot of time and dedication. Once you are happy with your home furnishings and decor, you need to think about daily upkeep. Discover great deals on homeware, cleaning products and cookware here that will help make every day a little easier.

    • How much bigger should curtains be than the window? 

      • When you measure your window for a pair of curtains, you will want to choose a width that is at least twice as wide as the window. This allowed for the curtains to have an attractive weaving effect with the fabric.

        The length of your curtains should start an inch or two above your curtain pole and drop down to just below your windowsill.

    • Do curtains keep cold out? 

      • Yes, curtains make excellent draught excluders and are very helpful in keeping your home warmer over the winter months. When fitted correctly, the curtains will cover the entire window space, blocking out the colder air from the window.

        Opting for thicker, lined curtains will make them more effective in keeping out cold draughts.

    • What is the difference between a bath towel and bath sheet? 

      • A bath sheet is much larger than a bath towel, making it the largest towel out of the lot. Bath towels are great for drying off after a quick shower, whereas a bath sheet is preferred for wrapping yourself up after a nice long soak in the tub.

        If you are looking to purchase a new collection of towels, you will want to get a good amount of both sizes so you have a variety available.

    • How many cushions should you have on a sofa? 

      • This is very much down to personal opinion, but a very simple rule would be one cushion per seat. If you have a three-seater sofa, you can arrange three cushions across the seats.

        If you have a particularly large sofa or a corner sofa, you can probably get away with more scatter cushions. You may find want a particularly lavish setting with layered up cushions, in which case double up the numbers and opt for complementary colours and tones.

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