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Make the Most of Your Garden

Here at Cherry Lane, we know that your garden is an important part of your home. Make your outdoor space somewhere the whole family can enjoy with our versatile garden furniture and outdoor living products. Find all your outdoor essentials from solar lighting to patio dining sets, all at great prices.


If you want to ramp up your entertaining this summer, why not refresh your outdoor furniture with something contemporary and stylish? Dine al fresco with friends and serve up a barbecue so good they will be talking about it for years.


Discover more Garden Advice by reading our blog here.

    • What does dip treated mean? 

      • When a shed has been dip treated, it means to wood has been dipped into a preservative which will help protect the wood. Dip treated sheds can be recognised easily as they have a rich, amber coloured finish. It is important to make sure you continue to treat a dip-treated shed annually to maintain the protection. Follow the care advice provided with your shed to ensure it lasts you for years to come.

    • What does pressure-treated mean? 

      • Pressure-treated sheds are protected to a much higher standard than dip treated. The preservative is pushed deep into the grain of the wood to give it long-lasting, effective protection. Pressure-treated sheds appear much lighter in colour and often arrive with green/blue patches, these are nothing to worry about. If you decide to opt for a pressure treated shed, there is usually much less upkeep involved in preserving the wood.

    • What is a pent roof? 

      • A pent roof slopes from the front to the rear of the shed, offering a different take on the classic apex roof. With a sleek appearance, the pent is perfect for a contemporary style building. As the back section is lower, a pent shed is more versatile for those looking to fit their building into an awkward location. When looking at the building from the front view, the roof is barely visible which gives the shed a very sleek appearance.

    • Should I choose a single door or double door? 

      • When you are choosing doors for your outdoor building, think about what you will be storing inside. If you are planning to keep gardening essentials and smaller items inside, a single door will be fine. However, if you are using the space to store away bulky garden furniture or machinery, it may be more convenient to choose double doors. Another benefit of double doors is that they can be wedged open on summer days letting you enjoy the summer breeze from inside your shed.

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