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From dog food to dog beds, you can pamper your pooch on any occasion. Keep your feline friends purring with our cosy cat beds and nutritious cat food. Reward them with our delicious range of pet treats - guaranteed to get tails wagging and whiskers twitching.


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    • Do dogs need dog toys? 

      • When it comes to owning a pet, toys are an absolute necessity. All creatures need to have their well-being nurtured, as well as having basic needs met.

        Dogs in particular require a lot of mental stimulation, especially when they are at home alone. Dog toys can provide your pet with entertainment, as well as comfort.

        Variety is key. Make sure to treat your dogs to new toys regularly, so they do not get bored. If you are leaving a dog on their own, ensure that they have access to plenty of dog toys as well as food and water, to help them pass the time.

    • How often should you change a cat's litter? 

      • This depends on the type of little you use and how many cats you have in your home, but if you are not sure, then you should change it at least twice a week.

        We would also recommend doing a daily scoop of any solids to keep the tray from smelling fresh, and to avoid any harmful bacteria being walked through the house.

        Clumping cat litter may need to be changed less frequently but we would always recommend following the manufacturer's guidelines to be safe.

    • What is the best food to feed your fish? 

      • For tank fish, a staple diet of flake fish food would be the most suitable. Follow the feeding guidelines that suit your species of fish and use flake food for their regular feed.

        There may even be some fresh food that you can use to supplement your fish's diet. Some everyday vegetables can be consumed by tank fish.

        You can chop up fresh vegetables such as lettuce, peas, courgettes and spinach into fish-friendly bite-size pieces to supplement their regular diet.

    • What do I clean a hamster cage with? 

      • You can use a specially formulated cage cleaning solution, or a mild soap such as washing up liquid will work just as well.

        Firstly make sure your hamster is settled in an alternative safe location. This will allow you to take apart the cage and thoroughly clean every section. Make sure to clean all of the toys, apparatus and feeding equipment as well.

        Once everything is clean, give it all a good rinse so that no soap suds are left behind. Once dry, you can fill the cag with nice clean hamster food and hamster bedding.

    • Can rabbits stay outside in winter? 

      • Yes, pet rabbits are well adapted to outdoor climates and cold weather.

        It is important to make sure that your outdoor rabbits have somewhere spacious to live, which is well ventilated in summer but covered adequately in winter.

        Outdoor rabbits are better suited to living in pairs so they have company. Social interaction is vital for their wellbeing as rabbits do not cope well with loneliness.

        Be mindful of potential predators and do all you can to protect the hutch from them. Even in an urban setting, predators such as hawks and foxes can can still be common.

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