Cosy Bedroom Ideas

December 1, 2021 by Cherry Lane

Cosy Bedroom Ideas

By Rachael – Content Editor

Published 1st December 2021

As the nights are getting chillier, you may be struggling to keep warm and cosy at nighttime. We have put together a list of top tips to turn your bedroom into a slumber haven fit for hibernation.

With a few simple adjustments, we can help you make your bedroom the cosiest room in the house.

Laying down the foundations

First things first, it is so important to make sure you have comfortable foundations before adding any accessories. Investing in a quality mattress will be one of your greatest buys, providing you with years of comfortable sleep – your back will thank you, trust me. A mattress topper is an inexpensive way to make a big difference to your bed.

The next best investment is a quality duvet and set of pillows. With the unpredictable British weather, it is worth getting both a summer duvet and a winter duvet. Keep the tog count low for summer so you can enjoy cooler bedding, whilst choosing the highest tog to keep toasty in winter. Vacuum bags are perfect for storing away your unused duvet between changes.

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to pillows, so take your time selecting which ones are right for you. If you and your partner have different preferences, there is no harm in them not being identical. Once they are covered, nobody will be able to tell – being comfortable is the most important thing.

Don’t be afraid of the dark

Blending some darker tones into your décor is a quick and easy way to create a warmer feel. Without committing to new paint or wallpaper, you can add in some depth with darker-toned fabrics and furnishings. Be mindful of your choice of wall art, as imagery can have a powerful effect on the imagination and senses. Choosing pictures that emote warmth and comfort will be the most beneficial.

Switching up your duvet cover is a simple change that can bring a whole new feel to the space. Laying down a rich and fluffy rug in a deeper shade will add a warm and rich feel to the room. Kick-off your shoes at the end of a long day and let your feet sink into the softness of the rug.

More is more

Pile up some scatter cushions by your pillows after you have made your bed. Not only do they look aesthetically pleasing, but they’re super comfy to lounge on throughout the day. Just look at that stack of cushions, don’t you just want to dive on there?

An ottoman at the end of the bed is perfect for storing your additional cushions away between uses. It also provides a great space for storing extra blankets and throws in the warmer seasons.

Imagine spending your next Sunday lie-in snuggled up amongst a heap of super soft and fluffy cushions. Pop on your favourite TV shows or listen to the latest podcast whilst you plan out the rest of your day.

You can throw your own way

When it’s nippy outside and you’ve just come in, nothing feels more inviting than a giant bed draped in lavish throws. More is the key – more layers, more textures and more tones.

Throws are incredibly versatile, and you can never have too many. They have a place and a purpose in every room of the home, the bedroom being no exception. Laying out an attractive throw at the end of your bed not only keeps your toes super toasty, but it gives your bed a beautiful finishing touch.

Marry together a variety of different materials and textures for volume. Try selecting throws in harmonious shades of a similar colour to add a rich depth. Layer in some faux furs and knitted materials to bring to mind those classic winter warmers.  

Out like a light

So, we have a comfortable bed that’s lavishly dressed in sumptuous fabrics – what’s next? To create the perfect atmosphere, we need to make sure we are considering all of our senses. Lighting is a vital element for encouraging a calm and relaxing ambience.

Fairy lights provide an intimate setting and softer lighting. Drape your fairy lights above headboards, around mirrors and in nooks and crannies for soothing mood lighting.

Switch out your bulbs for a lower wattage to provide the room with instantly warmer light. Make sure to avoid any blue light, as it keeps the brain awake. Keeping the lighting low whilst you snuggle up at bedtime will have you soothed off into a seasonal slumber in no time.

Don’t forget the little things

Winter months can bring with them a frightening energy bill but changing a few little habits can help to bring the cost down. Once you are tucked away in the bedroom for the night, try popping down a draught excluder by the door to help keep the heat in. Make sure your curtains are keeping out any draughts from the window. Blackout curtains are heavier and great for keeping the heat in.

A toasty hot water bottle is perfect for warming up the sheets and will provide warmth for hours – for the simple cost of boiling the kettle. If the weather gets extremely cold, a good old pair of fluffy socks always works a treat for regulating your body temperature.

To round up, there are plenty of ways you can add a warmer vibe to your bedroom – but it really comes down to your personal preference. Everyone deserves to take the time to improve their surroundings and have somewhere cosy to relax after a hard day. Taking the time to look after yourself is the most important thing.

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