6 Easy Ways To Transform Any Room

December 15, 2021 by Cherry Lane

Room Inspiration

By Rachael – Content Editor

Published 15th December 2021

Whether your home needs a mini makeover, or you just fancy a change, we have come up with a list of six quick ways to get your home looking its best. Recreate any living space with minimal effort.

Five cushions in blues, pinks and greys laid on the pillow end of a white double bed

Feel something new.

Upgrade your textiles. Switching out cushions, throws or bed linen for fresh new fabrics can make a big change. You can keep on top of the latest trends by refreshing a few inexpensive accessories for something more eye-catching.

Large round wall mirror above a set of bedroom drawers with a matching dressing table and mirror to the left

Take time to reflect.

Make your space feel airier and lighter with the addition of mirrors. A large wall mirror is great for above the fireplace. If you fancy being a little more out there, try hanging a variety of mirrors with different shapes and designs.

Small contemporary home office desk surrounded by matching shelves adorned with houseplants of many kinds

Plant some positivity.

Houseplants are incredibly popular, and with good reason! They improve your wellbeing whilst giving any space an uplifting feel. Smaller plants are perfect for decorating the mantelpiece, windowsills and side tables. Larger plants make wonderful features and can bring a once dull corner back to life.

Focussed leafy houseplants with a blurred background showing a variety of framed wall art hung above a fireplace

Express yourself.

New wall art can bring an exciting focal point to the room. Add a little personality to your living space. Framed photographs or canvases of loved ones are a unique way to personalise your walls. Filling one wall with multiple frames and images can create a real focal point.

Split image - the left shows a teal patterned cushion on a grey sofa and the right hand image shows a stack of folded teal towels in a bathroom

Commit to colour.

Create a coordinated look across your home. Try adding coordinated textiles that can be used across various rooms of the house. If you have a theme or colour palette you’ve fallen in love with – why keep it confined to one space? Let that design flow to more areas of the home.

Living room with a light brown sofa to the left adorned in navy blue cushions and a bookcase in the background filled with ornaments and plants

Shuffle the decks.

The quickest way to reimagine your space is to have a little move around. There is no harm in changing things up occasionally. You will be surprised how different the room feels after rearranging the furniture and swapping over some pictures and ornaments. Give it a try!

All in all, the end goal is to make your home somewhere you love spending your time. Trust your instinct and treat yourself to the things you love – you’ve earned it.