Rattan Quality – Knowing the Difference

July 6, 2022 by Cherry Lane

Rattan Quality – Knowing the Difference

By Rachael – Content Editor

Published July 2022


Rattan furniture, we have all heard of it, but did you know there is actually a vast range of rattan types out there? The type of rattan weave that is used for the furniture has a huge impact on the quality, and how long it will last. We have put together a little guide to help you identify the different types of rattan weave, so you can be sure to find long-lasting garden furniture.

What is rattan?

There are two different types of rattan, natural and synthetic. Natural rattan comes from a type of palm plant that grows in hot, tropical regions. There are around six hundred different specials of the rattan palm, which can be single-stemmed, climbing or clustered plants.

Synthetic rattan is the most commonly used variety for outdoor furniture. Being man-made, synthetic varieties can be coated to make them stronger and weatherproof, providing much longer-lasting material for outdoor furniture.

What are the three main types of rattan weave?

There are three main types of rattan weave styles: flat rattan, half-round rattan and round rattan. Let’s look at each one in a little more detail.

Types of flat rattan, a simple and basic style rattan weave

What is Flat Rattan?

Flat rattan is mostly used in budget furniture items as it is made with wide, thin strips of synthetic rattan. This style creates a very smooth and modern-looking finish, which is commonly used for garden corner sofas and square-shaped stools. Easy to clean and weatherproof, it will look great but will be more prone to damage.

Types of half round rattan, a more premium quality rattan weave

What is Half-Round Rattan?

Half-round rattan is curved on one side and much thicker in comparison to flat rattan. You will find this style of a weave on premium makes of garden furniture, such as our own Croft Arles collection.

Round rattan, the strongest type of rattan weave

What is Round Rattan?

Round rattan is the heaviest duty style of weave, usually found on the most expensive garden furniture. This is less commonly used, as round rattan is very difficult to weave and high in cost.

The Arles collection by Croft with a premium style rattan weave

Introducing the Arles Range from Croft

We have put together a collection of our sturdiest and most premium quality rattan furniture, the Arles Range. Using a double half-round rattan weave with a 3.0mm thickness, this range of garden furniture is durable and long-lasting.

The material has been treated to be weather-resistant, including full UV protection and colour fastness. The gradient ramp on the rattan has a fresh colour finish with a glossy texture.

The benefits of our Croft Arles furniture

Where can I buy the Arles Range?

You can buy garden furniture from our Arles collection in our stores, or online here.


Whatever you are looking for, you can count on us to provide you with great quality.

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