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How to grow a fruit tree

October 28, 2018 by Jack

There is nothing better than eating apples or pears that have been picked from a fruit tree in your own garden. Fruit trees, especially apple and pear trees, are incredibly easy to plant and maintain, and depending on the type of tree you choose, often thrive in medium sized gardens, as well as large spaces. […]

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How to plant your own containers

October 19, 2018 by Jack

Garden planters are one of the most versatile additions to a garden. They can be used to grow plants and flowers on patios, used for growing your own veg or simply used to break up large lawns. Whatever the size or style of your garden a planter will be a useful, practical and stylish addition […]

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5 Top Autumn Gardening Tips

August 29, 2018 by Jack

Autumn can be a busy time in your gardening, it’s a time to start clearing away decaying vegetation of the summer and begin the preparation for the cold winter months ahead. We’ve included our top tips of things to do during this period. 1) Greenhouse Autumn Clear-out Since you’ll be cleaning the outside of your […]

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How To Take Care Of Your Garden During A Heatwave

August 28, 2018 by Jack

A garden will look beautiful when it’s covered in sunlight, however, the hot and dry conditions can be very harmful to your plants and flowers which require water. Dehydration was a common during the summer and it’s no exception for your garden. The garden is normally the perfect place to spend your summer as you […]

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October – 6 things you should be doing in your garden this month

October 14, 2016 by Jack

1. Scarify and aerate your lawn Using a metal lawn rake, apply pressure to the lawn whilst raking to remove the ‘thatch’ – layers of moss and debris that collect around the grass. Use an aerator tool to punch regular holes in your lawn, and brush in some Lawn and turf topdressing. Finally, apply an […]

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The Essential Gardening Tips For Beginners

March 16, 2016 by Cherry Lane Garden Centres

Spring is just around the corner and gardening enthusiasts will be outside this month getting their patch ready for the summer. For those who haven’t had much experience gardening we’ve compiled a handy guide to what you need to have at the ready to get out there and start growing and gardening this year. Your […]

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Sowing Seeds and Creating a Colour Scheme For Your Garden

March 1, 2016 by Cherry Lane Garden Centres

It’s March, the spring months are creeping up on us and gardeners will be planning their garden for the year. For novices, it’s a time to start thinking about what you might want to try out, what seems do-able and you might be hunting around the internet for more information. If that’s you, we’ve compiled […]

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How To Encourage Wildlife Into Your Garden This Spring

February 25, 2016 by Cherry Lane Garden Centres

Get ready for spring 2016 and equip your garden for the influx of nature, wildlife and the return of your fantastic array of flowers and shrubs. For any keen gardener of wildlife enthusiast, there are steps you can take to encourage more activity into your garden so when spring comes you can sit back and let nature come to you.

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