Scallywags Pet of the Month – July ’23

July 1, 2023 by Cherry Lane

Our July Pets of the Month for Scallywags are Hunter & Olive

By Rachael – Content Editor

Published July 2023


Summer is officially here and so it’s time to spread some cheer with not one, but two Pets of the Month! We have the beautiful Hunter, a Hungarian Wirehead Vizsla and his younger sister Olive, a cockapoo puppy!

Hungarian wirehead vizsla sitting to attention looking at the camera in a field

Good afternoon Hunter

Good afternoon

How are you doing today?

Very well, thank you.

Is it okay if I ask you some questions today, about you and your sister, Olive? 

Yes, I will do the answering because she is just a baby.

Cockapoo puppy lying on its back on a dog bed

Well, you guys are both beautiful! Thank you, Hunter, most appreciated. 

No problem!

So tell me, if you could describe your perfect day, what would it involve?

Waking up to lots of attention and cuddles, and then going for a long dog walk with plenty of lakes to swim in! There would be lots of dog biscuits, meat and treats. Another evening walk. And at the end of the day, we would both get lots and lots of cuddles on the sofa with Mum.

That sounds wonderful, I love sofa cuddles! So, would you say Mum is your best friend?

One of them, but our bestest friends are Jett and Izzy.

Hungarian wirehead vizsla lying in the grass

You two are very popular! Do any of your friends call you by any nicknames?

Yes, we get called “Hun Bun” and “Olivina”. But we like it.

Those are lovely names. Do either of you ever get up to any mischief?

Yes, Olive likes to climb on the table when Mum isn’t around. She also likes to chew things up. I,  on the other hand, am an angel.

I can imagine. What are your favourite type of treats for when you are good? 

We love pig ears, meaty chew sticks, rabbit ears and cheeeeeese…

Oh, cheese is delicious – an excellent choice. 

Thank you.

Adorable cockapoo puppy in a swing

So, tell me, how do you and Olive like to spend your spare time?

We love going for walks and chasing balls.

Do you have any favourite toys?

Balls forever!

So, last but not least, are you a good boy and a good girl? 

Yes. But, mostly me.

signature of names olive and hunter with dog paw prints

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