Scallywags Pet of the Month – November

November 9, 2023 by Cherry Lane

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November 1, 2023 by Cherry Lane

Our November Pet of the Month for Scallywags is Monty!

By Rachael – Content Editor

Published November 2023

November is here and whilst it is getting cold outside, our pet of the month will certainly warm your hearts! Introducing you to the beautiful Monty, a lively and loveable golden labrador.

Golden labrador running and playing fetch on the grass

Good afternoon Monty

Hi there, are you here to play?

– Monty runs to get ball –

Er – Well, actually I am here to ask you some questions. But how about we play once we are finished? 

Okay! Sounds good to me. I will just keep my ball here ready.

Fantastic! Am I right in thinking that playing fetch might be your favourite game?

Oh yes! Playing and fetching my tennis ball when it’s thrown for me – I can’t get enough of that game.

golden labrador with football

It’s a great game! How would you describe your perfect day Monty?

An early morning walk on the cow field followed by a game with my tennis ball on the rugby field.

Then, once home I like to eat my breakfast as fast as I can like I’m in a race!

THEN, I like to have a short nap in my doughnut bed listening to classic FM (Alan Titchmarsh is my favourite presenter).

THEN, like to meet up with my best friends Arthur and Liesel over in the fields, we love going down into ditches and getting muddy and dirty.

THEN, in the afternoon I like to go and see grandad he plays ball with me in his garden and then I get to eat a whole carrot.

THEN, I got to the pub in the evening where I sit patiently and get treats for doing high fives.

It’s quite exhausting being Monty, so I like an early bedtime, ready for another day of action.

Golden labrador in the water

My word Monty, you have some big plans. And a lot of energy!

So much energy!

You mentioned getting treats, do you have a favourite kind of treat?

I like carrots and gravy bones the best!

Mmm, tasty. Do you have any special toys?

I love pig he squeaks, and I must carry him all day. Also, the tennis ball that must be with me.

Of course. Now, do you ever get in trouble for any naughty habits?

I love to sneak into the cupboard and get someone’s slippers or flip-flops, and then someone will chase me to get them back! I always get a treat to drop them so that’s good, I might as well keep doing it. Socks are equally as good, especially when they are clean.

Golden labrador with a flip-flop in it's mouth

Very cheeky! So, who would you say is your best friend?

My best friend is Liesel I get to see her at the weekends and get mucky in the fields and ditches she has taught me a lot and we have great fun together.

Lovely. Right, it’s nearly time to play ball. But first, I need to know, are you a good boy?

I’m a very good boy if there’s a treat involved.