Scallywags Pet of the Month – June ’23

June 1, 2023 by Cherry Lane

Our June Pet of the Month for Scallywags is Buddy!

By Rachael – Content Editor

Published June 2023


We have a very special Pet of the Month for June, who is super excited to tell you about himself. Meet Buddy, a gorgeous golden retriever who lives to eat.

Up close of a golden retriever smiling and looking to the side


Good afternoon Buddy!

Oh hi, I am so glad you are here. Did you bring the treats?

I did! But your Mum said we have to wait until after the questions, okay?

Okay, okay, okay, let’s get the questions part done.

I will jump straight in then Buddy! So, do you have any nicknames?

Budd, Mr. B, “Oi you cheeky chap, give me my shoe back!”aaaaaand Budd-boo.

That’s a long nickname. So, tell me, who is your best friend?

Dora the labrador was my bestest best friend, even if she laughed at me because I didn’t like to swim. I loved to play “silly dogs” with her every evening, share the sofa with her, and play “branch managers” on the field.

Golden retriever and black labrador playing on a big grassy field

How lovely. Aside from “branch managers”, how else do you like to spend your time?

Pretending to be a lap dog for maximum snuggles, and helping the humans to carry things they didn’t know they needed (like a spare shoe, or some pyjama bottoms).

So helpful. If you could plan the perfect day, what would it entail?

Morning treatos, followed by a walk on the beach and a paddle in the sea (I don’t like swimming though!), then a good spa treatment (towelling and brushing!) and a nice big lunch. Maybe some more snackos… don’t want to get hungry… and a good nap in the afternoon on the sofa.

Got to make time to collect some shoes, socks, and assorted laundry as well – I’m a laundry retriever, and I take my job seriously! Better have another treato after all that shoe-carrying and sock-collecting – carrot time, yum.

Then playtime with the humans, and it’s time to watch the telly and have a sing-along with any animals on the screen. Better give the humans another cuddle too (they’re such velcro humans).

Golden retriever refusing to let go of a red ball in its mouth

That sounds like a brilliant day! Can I join you?

Of course! But bring snacks.

Okay. Which snacks are your favourite, Buddy?

All of them!! Carrots are yummy! But so is that salmon sandwich you left on the table…oooh, are those Dentastix you’ve got there? And TURKEY SLICES? Oh boy!

You sure like your food, I can relate to that. How about toys, do you have any special toys?

My soft toy bunny is so tatty and stinky – he’s my favourite! I love to carry him around when there are no smelly socks available, and offer him to any house guests. Honourable mention to my soft toy hamburger – if only it were real…

Golden retriever looking at the camera with hungry eyes

Well, now I am craving a hamburger. 

Should we get one after questions?

Very tempting! But I think I’d get told off. Do you ever get told off for any naughty habits?

I do like to sing to the neighbours through the fence. Loudly. They need to hear my “Awooo” chorus in the evening, so they can appreciate my beautiful baritone voice. And, sometimes, I MAY accidentally misplace one of the humans’ shoes, right when they need it –  but how was I supposed to know that humans can’t smell where their stinky shoes are hidden?

It’s true, our sense of smell is lacklustre. Right, you will be glad to hear there is just one more question and then it will be snack time!

Yaaaay, bring it on.

Golden retriever holding a silk red rose in its mouth

Are you a good boy?

I am the goodest of good boys (even when I’m naughty) which is why I deserve a treat! Maybe even chicken! Maybe even TWO bits of chicken! OR MORE! Because I’m so good.

Can’t argue with that, Budd! 

Signature of the name buddy with two black paw prints

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