Scallywags Pet of the Month – January ’24

January 19, 2024 by Cherry Lane

Our January Pets of the Month for Scallywags are Teddy, Chip, Nala and Belle!

By Rachael – Content Editor

Published January 2024

Happy New Year! And happy new Scallywags pet of the month! This month we are meeting a beautiful ragdoll cat called Teddy, who has some very special bouncy friends.

Gorgeous ragdoll cat with three cute little bunny rabbits

Good afternoon Teddy


Who are your cute little friends you have with you today? 

These are my best friends – Chip, Nala and Belle!

My goodness, you are all a very sweet bunch! Would it be okay for me to ask you some questions today?

The bunnies have to hop off now, but I will answer your questions.

Cute ragdoll cat with blue eyes looking up over the camera

Thank you, Teddy! Your friends are lovely, do they have any nice nicknames for you? 

Everyone calls me Teddy Bear.

Well, that’s adorable. Can you describe your perfect day for me?

Easy, I would sleep in the sunshine all day.

How relaxing. Do you like playing any games or pass-times?

I do, I love playing fetch with my mouse toys and playing outside in the long grass.

Gorgeous long hair ragdoll cat outside near a tree

A mouse toy? Is that your favourite toy?

Yes, I love my mice toys, I have quite the collection. Oh, and I love cardboard boxes, I can play in those for hours.

That sounds brilliant! Do you ever play with things you’re not supposed to and get in trouble?

Yes, I love to play hide and seek in the field next to my house and when my Mum calls me, I pretend I can’t hear her and hide. I also love to sharpen my claws on the sofa!

I bet your Mum gets very worried.

She does, but I am good most of the time so she forgives me.

Ragdoll cat and floppy eared rabbit playing together indoors

Good. Does she give you any nice treats when you’re being good?

Yes, I get chicken and ham, my favourites.

Delicious. Now, for our last and most important question. 

I’m ready.

Are you a good boy?

YES! I’m a very good boy.

Signature of the name teddy with two cat paw prints

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