Scallywags Pet of the Month – September ’23

September 1, 2023 by Cherry Lane

Our September Pet of the Month for Scallywags is Beckie!

By Rachael – Content Editor

Published September 2023


As we head into September, we have another wonderful Pet of the Month to share with you. Meet Beckie, a gorgeous Shih Tzu who loves nothing better than playing with her toys.

white shih tzu looking up at the camera

Good afternoon Beckie.

Good afternoon friend, have you come to play?

I have! But before we play, would it be okay to ask you some questions first, please?

Okay, that will be fine.

Excellent! Is it okay if I call you Beckie, or do you have any preferred nicknames?

Beckie is best, my Mum called me “baby boo boo”, and that’s just embarrassing!

Okay, we will avoid that one. Describe your perfect day to me, Beckie.

Easy! My perfect day is any day when Mummy is not working and I get her all to myself.

Awh, that’s lovely. Is Mummy your best friend?

Yes, one of them, but I also have a best friend called Lucy. She is a Yorkshire Terrier and she loves to play with me.

It’s great having lots of best friends. What is your favourite game to play?

I love playing with my ball best. I like chasing it and fetching it and throwing it in the air and carrying it around and slobbering on it and did I say chasing it?

You did!

I love my ball.

white shih tzu standing on a beige carpet

Do you have any other favourite toys?

I love all my toys. I love playing. Is it time to play?

Almost! So, when you are good, what are your favourite treats to have as a reward?

I will eat any treats. I love treats. Can I have a treat now?

You can have a treat when we’re finished.


Do you have any naughty habits?

Of course not!

What an angel. That leads me to my last question-

And then playtime?

Yes, then playtime. Beckie, are you a good girl?

Of course, I am a good girl!

signature of the name beckie with two dog paw prints


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