5 Plants that help relieve stress

September 17, 2019 by Cherry Lane

Did you know that some plants can help relieve stress? Read on to find out which ones could help you.


Lavender has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety and is also known to be uplifting and soothing, this is perfect to keep close to you while you sleep, you could even have a lavender tea before bed to help ease you to sleep.


Peppermint has been found to boost alertness and lower frustration. It also helps to relax muscles, and when you get stressed you can feel tense and irritable so having a bath that contains peppermint can help relieve that tension.


Chamomile is known for its anti-anxiety effect and its aid in sleeping. When you’re stressed your sleep can be affected causing a restless night so having chamomile tea before bed can help relax and soothe you ready for a night of good sleep.


Jasmine helps to ease the body from anxiety, it also helps with depression, fatigue, menstrual cramps and menopausal symptoms. This is another great plant to have near you as you sleep, or you could have a Jasmine tea before bed.


These bright and beautiful flowers can help lessen symptoms of stress and worry. This flower can cool and relax the body when drunk as a tea. 

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