April Jobs for the month

April 2, 2020 by Cherry Lane

What to do in your garden this April

Get sowing! – Start to sow your hardy annuals, herbs such as parsley, dill and coriander and sow wildflower seeds into gaps in borders.

Lawn repair – Sow a new lawn or repair bare patches.

Herbaceous – Start to plant herbaceous borders.

Daffs and tulips – Remove any faded Daffodil and Tulip flowers by nipping off their heads and seed pods at the same time.

Roses – Don’t forget to feed your roses with rose feed.

Mowing – Now is the time to start regularly mowing your lawn, do this at least once a week.

Feed – Start to feed all your plants, unless temperatures are very cold.

Weeding – Start weeding beds and borders to keep them looking their best.

Deadhead – Continue to deadhead spring bedding and bulbs.

Feathery friends – Be sure to keep putting fresh water and feed out for the birds as they’re raising their broods.

April showers – Make sure your water butts are out in a place where they can collect the rainwater.