September Gardening To-Do List

August 6, 2021 by Cherry Lane

September Gardening To-Do List

By Rachael – Content Editor

Published 6th August 2021

Plant Autumn bedding such as Winter-flowering pansies.

If your flower beds and plant pots are looking a little past their best, why not spruce them up with a fresh set of bedding plants that will last the colder months?

We would recommend clearing out your pots of old compost which might be harbouring old roots or lacking in nutrients. Fill up your pots and flower beds with some nice fresh compost and then choose your favourite winter flowering plants to place in them.

We would recommend pansies as they are hardy against the colder weather and come in a host of vibrant colours. Although they are great for Autumn and Winter, they still love a bit of sunshine so make sure not to hide them in the shade.

If pansies aren’t your thing, why not try some Cyclamens or Primroses? Violas and Heathers are also excellent choices and will ensure your garden is full of colour and cheer for longer.

Cover ponds before Autumn leaves fall.

The falling leaves of Autumn make for a very attractive landscape; however, they can cause a lot of problems for your aquatic pondlife if they build up. Once the leaves start to become waterlogged and sink to the bottom of your pond, they can lead to an increase in harmful substances and create a toxic atmosphere for fish and other pondlife.

We would recommend installing a pond netting cover to catch any fallen leaves so that they can be easily removed and maintained. It is also a good idea to look at the surrounding area of your pond for any overhanging branches that could be trimmed back.

Tidy perennials that have finished flowering.

If you have any early-flowering perennials in your garden such as delphiniums or geraniums, now would be the best time to tidy them up a little. For any perennials that have reached the end of their flowering season, a quick trim and pruning now will boost their appearance and flowering for next Spring.

This also makes for a great opportunity to remove weeds and have a good garden tidy up in general.

Scarify and aerate lawns.

As we head into Autumn, you may find that your lawn has a build of moss and thatch. It is recommended to start to thin out this layer to make sure that vital nutrients such as oxygen and water can reach the roots of the grass.

The most efficient ways to do this would be through scarification or aeration. These processes can be performed with specially designed machinery; we would recommend seeking professional help before trying these for the first time. However, if you want to help your lawn without investing in machinery, you can always give it a good raking over to clear some of the build-ups.

Last chance to sow grass seed before the winter!

Now is the ideal time of year to start off a lawn from seed. Although some people prefer turf, using grass seed is much cheaper and can prove easier for tricky corners of your garden.

Make sure to do your research before investing in your choice of grass seed. There are a wide variety of seed mixes out there, each with its own benefits. Taking the time to prepare the ground thoroughly will help your new growth flourish. Be sure to cordon off the area and keep it covered to protect the early growth from birds and pests.

Harvest those long-awaited apples. Windfalls are the best!

Just think of that warm, lightly spiced apple crumble swimming in delicious custard! Aside from the early fruiting varieties, all apples should now be ripening nicely. As we enter the next season, you will most likely start to find an abundance of windfalls from your orchards.

Collect up the fallen apples as quickly as possible to avoid any pests having a nibble! If you find yourself with a surplus, get the fruit prepped for the freezer so you can enjoy delicious puddings through the Winter. If you’re confident in the kitchen or fancy a challenge to wow your Sunday dinner guests, why not try an Apple Strudel from scratch? Scrumptious!

crabapples growing on a tree with a blue sky background