Keeping your pets comfortable this Winter

November 19, 2018 by Cherry Lane

Keep your pets warm and comfortable this winter with these easy tips, a happy pet equals a happy owner.

• Keep your furry friends warm throughout the cold nights, Dogs will appreciate extra blankets to keep them warm at night and cats will love to snuggle up in our Teddy Bear Cat Bed.

• The salt on icy pavements and roads can make irritate your dog’s paws so make you rinse your dogs’ paws with warm water after your walk and dry them well.

• Keep your cat’s litter tray topped up, even if you have an outdoor Cat, they may want to use an indoor litter tray in cold weather, you can even put this outside if this suits your cat better, this saves them from stepping on the cold/frozen grass or soil.


• Cutting down the hair around your dog’s paws will help prevent ice sticking and building up in snowy weather.

• Hamsters can go into hibernation if they get too cold, make sure that you keep their cage clean and have lots of bedding. Putting a hot water bottle underneath the cage will also help keep them warm during the colder months.

• If you have outdoor pets such as Horses, Rabbits and Fish, make sure their water doesn’t freeze. Put a football on the surface of the Fishpond to slow down the freezing process, never break the ice as this could scare them. For Bird baths put a ping pong ball in the water and for horses but a tennis all in the trough.


• Keep your Dog warm with a jumper, at Cherry lane we have sizes for big and small Dogs, we also have Dog Hi Vis’s which are great for night walks!

• Pets seem to love the smell of antifreeze which is extremely harmful and even fatal, so make sure it is out of their reach and wipe up any spills.

• If you have a pet horse, make sure they have a suitable shelter with plenty of bedding and enough feed to keep them warm.


Be sure to have a look at our pet range online or in store to find all the above items to help this winter