November – Monthly Plant Information

October 15, 2015 by Cherry Lane

General Jobs

Wrap up pots containing evergreen shrubs for extra protection and move to the shelter of the house over winter. Fleece can be put around the plant if cold weather threatens.
Water containers if they contain bedding or evergreens, especially if the compost is frozen.
Protect outdoor taps from freezing by wrapping in bubble wrap.
Insulate greenhouses with sheets of bubble wrap to prevent heat loss and protect delicate plants.

Trees and Shrubs

Plant bare root roses, shrubs and fruit into well prepared beds when weather allows.

Bulbs and Perennials

A good month to plant tulips and any other bulbs that haven’t been planted earlier.
Dig up dahlias when frosts have blackened the stems, allow the tubers to dry before storing in a cool frost free environment.
Later this month bring prepared hyacinths for Christmas flowering indoors into a cool lighter position before putting in its final flowering position later next month.

Vegetable Garden

Tidy strawberry plants by removing dead leaves and removing runners.
Divide rhubarb crowns when they are dormant.
Plant currant bushes and raspberry canes in a well prepared bed for a delicious home grown crop the following year.
Put grease bands on the trunks of fruit trees to prevent winter moths from climbing the trunks and laying their eggs in the branches.


Keep off the lawns if it is frozen or the ground is saturated. Cut if necessary when the weather allows.


Start feeding birds with Hi-energy foods like suet balls, peanuts and sunflower seeds. Use seed holders as well as putting food on the ground for ground feeders such as robins.

Quick Tips

  • Greenshoots on variegated evergreens should be pruned out to their point of origin
  • Eleagnus, Holly and Euonymus are worth checking over
  • Net ponds – to keep leaves out
  • Plant Amaryllis bulbs indoors. Water in and keep warm to encourage rooting