Plant of the Month – April

April 4, 2022 by Cherry Lane

April’s Plant of the Month

By Rachael – Content Editor

Published April 2022

  Our plants of the month for April are Alpines!
Up close of light pink alpine flowers
What are Alpine plants? Alpine plants are a collection of plant species that grow in locations with an alpine climate. These plants have naturally adapted to harsh environmental conditions, including cold weather and even drought. Although alpines should technically be plants that grow above the tree line in high altitudes, the term often gets used to describe plants that are suited to a rockery style habitat. Origin: Anywhere with an alpine climate, in high altitudes above the tree line Characteristics: Typically small flowers with wide-spreading green foliage Preferred neighbours: Other alpine varieties, heathers and gravel Top Tip: If growing in containers, add plenty of drainage holes Fun fact: Alpines grow very deep roots, which reduces their need for watering once established   Are alpines easy to grow? Most alpine plants are considered hardy, as they naturally grow in colder regions and can grow during winter. As long as they are provided with well-draining soil and plenty of sunshine, alpine plants are relatively low maintenance. When do alpines flower? Most varieties of alpine plants flower in the spring and summer months. Are alpines good for wildlife? Alpines can provide nectar for insects over the winter months, but this does vary with each species. The good news is that most plant labels will tell you whether or not they are bee-friendly, so you can choose nectar-rich varieties easily. Did you know? Many alpine and rockery plants can tolerate dry conditions and even droughts.
Rock garden with a variety of alpine plants and some pink flowering dianthus
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