Small Garden, Big Ideas!

January 20, 2020 by Cherry Lane

Make the most of your small outdoor space with our creative garden ideas.

Published January 2020

Featuring design ideas, plant advice and savvy buys at down to earth prices – you’ll be able to transform your tiny terrace, petite patio or bijou backyard, into a stylish outdoor area that’s sure to impress.

The main advantage of smaller garden spaces is that they are fantastically low maintenance. But it’s also a great space to get creative without breaking the bank!

Vertical Gardens and Living Walls

Vertical planting is a great way to grow all sorts of plants in a limited space. An opportunity not to be missed – canes, trellises, walls – even doors, can behave plant pots or baskets cleverly hung off them for growing your own delicious strawberries, salads and herbs.

By choosing pretty ornamental plants you’ll find it’s also a great way of covering an unattractive wall!

Hanging varieties of fruit and veg in baskets from walls, meaning they’re much harder for the slugs to reach. Tumbling cherry tomato varieties and edible flowers look fabulous and are a great way to brighten up your summer salads.

But vertical or hanging gardens and living walls don’t just look good – they are good for the planet too! All that plant life helps to reduce the carbon footprint of a building by filtering pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air, which also benefits those living nearby as the quality of air is improved.

Spaces filled with green have a relaxing effect, helping you grow with your plants!


Small spaces can create a lovely intimate cosy ambience and bistro sets are just the right size to enjoy a romantic alfresco meal for 2! Battery operated strings of lights add instant charm and set the mood perfectly.

Oversized floor cushions and outdoor rugs are perfect when you have guests over. They’re easy to store, add colour and style, and create a really relaxed vibe.

Incorporating solar lighting means you can continue to enjoy your outdoor space late into the evening even after the sun has set!

Invite guests to help themselves from a wicker basket full of beautiful cosy throws as the days get shorter and the chilly nights set in.

A Garden Kitchen

You can create bags of extra space by using oversized pots to grow veg in. Garlic, spring onions, chillies, and cherry tomatoes take up very little space. Strategically placed, they make a visually stunning effect, whilst being tasty too!

Herbs can easily be grown in a window box. Rosemary, thyme and sage prefer well-drained soil and plenty of sunlight, whilst chives, mint, parsley and fennel thrive in the shade. Herbs are a great way of opening your senses to plant life with their delicious aromas.

Choose plants that grow quickly, so that you can harvest across the seasons from the same plot. Early season crops can be harvested in the spring, giving you plenty of time to get another crop in for the Summer.

Plant early potatoes, then replace them with runner beans! These can also be grown vertically to save even more valuable space!

Invest in a beautiful fruit tree that can be trained to grow up walls or be planted in containers. They take up relatively little space, providing you with delicious fruits throughout the Summer!

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