8 Tips for Watering Your Garden

July 26, 2022 by Cherry Lane

8 Tips for Watering Your Garden

By Rachael – Content Editor

Published July 2022

  It’s getting hot out there   During summer, it is more important than ever to make sure our garden is watered adequately. Nobody wants to be parched on a hot, sunny day – especially not your plants! But don’t worry, we have put together our list of top tips for watering your garden:  

1. Water your plants late in the evening or early in the morning

Watering when it’s cool means that less water evaporates.

2. Keep leaves dry to avoid diseases

Leaves that are wet in the sun develop slight burn marks and if they are kept wet overnight, they can get leaf-mould diseases.

3. Focus on watering the root zone

Focusing on watering the base area of your plants will help ensure that the water gets down to the roots.

4. Use a water-recycling method such as water butts

It saves you money and water!

5. Water evenly around the plant for a balanced well-developed root system

To prevent one-sided root growth and poor nutrient absorption, make sure you water all around the root zone.

6. Apply gradually to allow water to fully penetrate the soil without run-off

Water needs a moment to seep into the soil to the roots.

7. Avoid waterlogging

Root cells drown without oxygen and waterlogging suppresses the breathing air of the roots.

8. Water thoroughly and less often

 It’s better to water less often but with plenty of water, rather than little and often.

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